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AAA Spring & Summer Hockey Organization   

This year the Manitoba Mustang organization is proud to present the Mustangs Challenge, Manitoba Mustangs Charity Hockey Tournament, and Team Manitoba Brick.

Tournament Information                                                                             

For tournament information, please visit the tournament information page by clicking the quick link to the right. (Bottom if on mobile).

Become a mustang

If your son/daughter is interested in becoming a mustang, email Garth Lancaster below!

Coaches and Age Directors:

We are looking for Coaches and Age Directors for the 2019 season.  If interested please email Garth Lancaster below. 

Garth Lancaster

Mustangs President

Phone: (204) 339 3119

Our Vision  

“To be the premiere AAA summer hockey program in the Province of Manitoba, focused on developing the best young hockey players, both socially and physically, at the highest level.”

The Manitoba Mustangs Hockey Organization is focused on the above Vision. To accomplish this, we believe and adhere to the following Guiding Principles;

  • to be financially responsible
  • to be fair and equitable
  • to provide the best coaching and administration available
  • to be a good ambassador for Manitoba Hockey
  • to explore and provide the best avenues for Manitoba Mustangs hockey players to be recognized in Canada and North America
  • to be united in our conviction to the Organization and player development
  • to be good to the community
  • Over the years, the Mustang Organization has made a significant contribution to Manitoba Hockey and the community at large. Here’s how!

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